Thursday, January 14, 2010

Five for Five Fridays

As "Friday" approaches, less than an hour from now, the fastest "fives" that come to my mind are cries for wisdom! In James we are instructed to ask God for wisdom anytime we need it...and we are encouraged that if we believe He will give it to us, He will! And I look to the rest of you believers/wives/moms/friends that He has blessed me with - share the wisdom that the Lord has shared with you! (Come on, please...He would want you to! ;))

My tope 5 needs for wisdom are (seems like a drum roll would be appropriate here!)

1. the area of being better helper to my husband. He isn't demanding or needy, so I know I have to be careful to really "listen" when he expresses, in any way, a need or an area in which he needs more of my support. And I don't just want to fulfill the role of his wife, I want to do so with joy and creativity.

2. being the Mom Nathaniel needs right now. We have entered a new stage. With it, so many new joys, but also so many new challenges. Discipline looks different than it did a few months ago...and I have a feeling it's going to look different a week from now. I find myself uttering quick prayers to the Lord more than ever. I NEED HIM. I'm NEW HERE, Lord!!

3. better connect with the people I LOVE. I almost want to make a calendar just for talking with/connecting with the people I love - both those I miss, and those who are new to my life here in GA. How do weeks pass without taking with a sibling...months without talking with a friend who walked with me through the time of wanting a baby, and who rejoiced with me at his birth?! I want to be a better friend. Show me how Lord.

4. creatively use the place God has given me. Funny; I initially meant that in a very specific way but, truly, i need wisdom in all my "places." Place of life. Places of ministry. Place of home. And places througout my home! Without a basement, I constantly need to re-think how to use all of our space. I need to think more vertically - in ALL of the aforementioned areas!

5. creatively use up the potatoes in the pantry, the yogurt that is almost expired, and the carrots that are getting dry. Yup, soup's on tomorrow. (Plain nonfat yogurt is one of my favorite substitutions for sour cream, milk, or mayo! It works in a lot of recipes and boosts the nutrition!) Ok - this one is about more than these 3 ingredients. I really do ask for the Lord's wisdom when planning meals, shopping trips, even walking into the store and using all that we have. I know He cares about it, because I care about it! It's part of stewardship, and I want to grow to be a better steward.

Ok...those are my ramblings! Thank you Lord, in advance, for wisdom (and thanks to you, too, friends!)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Five for Five Fridays...on Saturday!

The last month has held some crazy Fridays for us...and I just wasn't remembering to post until Saturday. happened again! Ah well...I'm going to go ahead and do it this time.

Five things from our week in five minutes...

1. Brian has had late nights all week. Thank the Lord for his job, and thank the Lord for giving them business. Of course we want to see him more, but I'm mindful and grateful for the Lord's goodness and faithfulness in providing work, and of Brian's faithfulness to his position.

2. Nathaniel and I had the chance to see lots of friends this week. Laundry got done Wednesday instead of shopping in several short trips instead of one big one...and the restrooms still need cleaned! However, it's been fun!

3. After all that fun...and a play-doh playdate just yesterday morning...Nathaniel began to cry and cough quite a bit at nap time yesterday. It was unusual. When I checked on him, he told me his throat hurt. I decided to take him to the doctor since he rarely complains. When he does, something is usually up. We waited for a LONG time..while Nathaniel cheerfully entertained everyone in the waiting room! I felt silly for a few minutes...he seemed fine. Was he feeling better or avoiding his nap?? However, I had already paid the copay when we arrived...and remembered that he rarely acts sick when he his. Two hours later...we learned he has an ear infection and strep throat. Yikes! Since then, he's been coughing much and going through lots of tissues! :( I'm glad I went ahead and took him to the doctor. What's to credit for that choice? Keen mothering skills? A 2 year old who communicates well? No...I credit the Lord, and know He listened to me early that morning. Help me, Lord. Guide me. Let me hear your voice and be directed by Your Spirit. I need You.

4. I am getting more excited about the Christmas program at church. It's been 2 years since I was involved in one...and I have a 2 year I'm a bit more scatter brained than I would like...but we have many hands involved and I believe it's all going to come together to glorify the Lord!

5. We currently have 23 items out from the library. Yup. I hadn't been in the library since school and now...I'm a junkie!

If you read this, how about giving me 5 (or 1) cool things about your week?

Friday, October 9, 2009

Five for Five Fridays, 10/9/09

Before mentioning my 5 for 5, I just want to say Happy 5th Anniversary to REAL Church! Brian's brother, Pastor Chilly & his wonderful wife Netta along with their great family and a terrific team of people (which included my sister and her husband!) planted this awesome work in Hamtrack, MI 5 years ago. They are having a weekend of celebration, and we rejoice with them from all the way "down here!" To learn about REAL Church, check out Happy Anniversary, REAL Church!

Hmmm...5 for 5...this is gonna be truly random!

1. My son has started asking me where we are going each morning. His favorite requests are the mall (which features a play land) and Chick-Fil-A (also with a play land). He doesn't know what the Golden Arches are, but he can recognize the Chick-Fil-A symbol in a second!

2. We were near record highs for this time of year - 91 and muggy today. Ugh

3. In the south, we have palmetto bugs. They are large, fast, are attraced to moisture (that word is for you, Netta) and are part of the COCROACH family. Yuck. Unlike their cousins, they are not linked to filth. But my skin crawls every time I see one (which was 3 times this week). I am good with spiders, bugs, lizards, frogs (which are all everywhere). But these little creatures have me calling for my husband! (I think he appreciates the confidence I have in his macho-bug-squashing finess!)

4. Earlier this week, Nathaniel asked me "Mommy, where'd Jesus go?" We talk about Jesus all through the day. Now that I think about it, I'm actually surprized he hasn't asked me sooner. He asks about his family (which all lives away) and friends when he hasn't seen them in a while. It was as though it just hit him - Jesus loves me, I love, why can't I play with Him? I gave him the answer that God gave me in that moment, and will continue to pray that the Lord makes himself known to Nathaniel is such a personal way.

5. Nathaniel's prayer over his snack this afternoon: "Thank you for this food, Amen. Thank you, Jesus, Amen. Thank you, cheese, apples, Amen."

Monday, September 28, 2009

Five for Five Fridays, 10/2/09

1. "My love you" - Some of my favorite words to hear! Nathaniel spontaneously shares his affection with us often now, and we gobble it up!

2. "Kiss my lips, Mommy" - After being sick for a day(last week), Nathaniel must have noticed that I was kissing every available part of him - except for his lips. Yes, I admit, this Momma was trying to stay sick-free. At some point, Nathaniel said, "Kiss my lips, Mommy." Oh my. Well, kiss his lips I did. How could I resist?!

3. "My want to make Mommy smile" - I ended up with the virus Nathaniel had...just a few hours after I wrote last week's Friday post....some time after kissing those lips! On Saturday afternoon, Nathaniel and Brian came into our room to see me. (I am SO thankful Brian was home while I was sick!!) Nathaniel was trying to climb up our (very tall) bed trying to get to me. He said "My want to make Mommy smile." HOW SWEET! Brian said he had nothing to do with Nathaniel's comment. Nathaniel got up on the bed, gave me the sweetest kiss on the lips, sat back, looked at me and proudly said "I made you smile!" If you only knew, little boy!

4. We are entering the "2 outfits a day" season. We wake up to low 50's. If we take a walk in the morning, it's usually up in the 60's, but pants and long sleeves are required. However, if we play outside in the afternoon, it's in the low 80's! So...thus...a change of clothes. Hmm...the laundry lady isn't too sure she's happy about that. Truly, I'm glad for the flex in the temps. We were ready for it!

5. My mother-in-law came home from re-hab yesterday! Thanks to any who read this who have prayed for her. Continued prayer for a full recovery, and freedom from her back brace, is so appreciated!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Five for Five Fridays, Issue 2

Without any preparation...and without any further delay...
5 things from my week in 5 minutes...

1. Sickness - My little man came down with the stomach flu yesterday. As I held him, he just kept saying "I want my Mama." I would reassure him, "I'm right here, honey. Mama's got you." But still, especially right before or after "getting sick" he would repeat and repeat "I want my Mama." The Lord must feel the same way about me. I've got you, Lana, I'm right here. And, like I did as a Mama, He is faithful to just repeat His promises, love and comfort to me until it sinks in.

2. Sweet - Nathaniel got his leg stuck tonight and prompty told his Daddy "I'm stuck!" As Brian lifted him out of his position, he said - with a sigh of relief - "Thank you, Jesus." I utter the phrase all day long... and I got such joy hearing him thank Jesus for "setting him free!"

3. Summer - It still feels like summer here. The high tomorrow is 87. I know come November I will really enjoy the weather. But right now, I miss fall! On that note, we have not been affected by the terrible flooding in the Atlanta area. I feel so sad for the countless people in our state who have been devasted by this weather. I will continue to pray for God's mercy.

4. Spring cleaning - I don't know why, but that's the mood I've been in all week. Re-organize, re-arrange, purge, simplify. And I don't feel finished yet!

5. Serenity now! And I'm not even that much of a Seinfeld fan! The Lord has blessed me this week with moments of quiet, confirmation and wonder. I love Him and thank Him!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Five for Five Fridays

In an attempt to blog a little more often (it's been 7 months!?) I am hoping to begin a weekly post - "Five for Five Fridays." I'll take 5 minutes to blog about 5 areas of life from the past week. I think I'll go so far as to start each area with an "f" today, just to keep with the theme...but no promises that I'll stick with that! :) Here goes!

Faith - I've been reading through the Bible in chronological order this year, and it's been awesome! This week, I was impacted by the instructions from Esther to the Jews to pray and fast in Esther 4:15-17. Not only did their prayers impact Esther (giving her courage, vision, creativity and all that she needed to fulfill God's plan for her) - but the King as well! In Esther 6:1 the King couldn't sleep and got out of bed. He had the records of his reign to him and discovered what Mordecai had done to save his life. Coincidence? I think not!

Family - Mom Chilton had back surgery this week and is still in need of much prayer for a great recovery and great results. Please pray for Dad, as well, as he cares for her. How we wish we could be with them. While we are very happy here in Savannah, we do miss our parents and siblings much. My Mom sent a package of yummy Greek goodies today (and a huge orange sucker for her grandson!).

Friends - Some of our dearest friends, the Metzgers, just left Tuesday after a week with us. They rented a place on the beach for a few of those days and invited us to join them. What fun! Being with them is always so fun, so refreshing, and full of laughs, memories, and growth. We love them!

Fun - Tomorrow is Saturday! Nathaniel and I are both so happy to have Brian with us for the day. And...since rain is the forcast for tomorrow, I don't think we'll have to share him with the yard. I just read that there is a casting call at our mall tomorrow for a Cival War era movie being filmed in Savannah and directed by Robert Redford. To go...or not to go? :)

Frugal Find - CVS diapers. Yup. They were a steal this week, especially with $2 extra bucks, and they work great!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sweet and simple

Brian's Aunt and counsin spent some time with Nathaniel on Valentine's Day while Brian and I had a date! (I could stop there, because that is newsworthy enough! :))
She brought along a couple of books that she had been keeping at her house, which her grandkids have outgrown. One of them is called "Classic Children's Prayers" and it contains the following sweet, simple prayer:
"Please give me what I ask,
dear Lord,
If you'd be glad about it,
But if you think it's not for me,
Please help me do without it."

Ain't that the truth? (ha - I hear the word "ain't" so often now, I couldn't help but throw it in!) Really, though, what truth lies in these simple, childlike words. This is how we reconcile "making our requests known" and praying "Thy will be done." Amen!

Time for Sesame Street...!