Friday, September 25, 2009

Five for Five Fridays, Issue 2

Without any preparation...and without any further delay...
5 things from my week in 5 minutes...

1. Sickness - My little man came down with the stomach flu yesterday. As I held him, he just kept saying "I want my Mama." I would reassure him, "I'm right here, honey. Mama's got you." But still, especially right before or after "getting sick" he would repeat and repeat "I want my Mama." The Lord must feel the same way about me. I've got you, Lana, I'm right here. And, like I did as a Mama, He is faithful to just repeat His promises, love and comfort to me until it sinks in.

2. Sweet - Nathaniel got his leg stuck tonight and prompty told his Daddy "I'm stuck!" As Brian lifted him out of his position, he said - with a sigh of relief - "Thank you, Jesus." I utter the phrase all day long... and I got such joy hearing him thank Jesus for "setting him free!"

3. Summer - It still feels like summer here. The high tomorrow is 87. I know come November I will really enjoy the weather. But right now, I miss fall! On that note, we have not been affected by the terrible flooding in the Atlanta area. I feel so sad for the countless people in our state who have been devasted by this weather. I will continue to pray for God's mercy.

4. Spring cleaning - I don't know why, but that's the mood I've been in all week. Re-organize, re-arrange, purge, simplify. And I don't feel finished yet!

5. Serenity now! And I'm not even that much of a Seinfeld fan! The Lord has blessed me this week with moments of quiet, confirmation and wonder. I love Him and thank Him!


sharonie said...

i love the closeness you have with the shows so much through your blog!

Netta said...

YIPPEE! You're posting again!
So happy to read little glimpses of your life.
Love you!