Monday, September 28, 2009

Five for Five Fridays, 10/2/09

1. "My love you" - Some of my favorite words to hear! Nathaniel spontaneously shares his affection with us often now, and we gobble it up!

2. "Kiss my lips, Mommy" - After being sick for a day(last week), Nathaniel must have noticed that I was kissing every available part of him - except for his lips. Yes, I admit, this Momma was trying to stay sick-free. At some point, Nathaniel said, "Kiss my lips, Mommy." Oh my. Well, kiss his lips I did. How could I resist?!

3. "My want to make Mommy smile" - I ended up with the virus Nathaniel had...just a few hours after I wrote last week's Friday post....some time after kissing those lips! On Saturday afternoon, Nathaniel and Brian came into our room to see me. (I am SO thankful Brian was home while I was sick!!) Nathaniel was trying to climb up our (very tall) bed trying to get to me. He said "My want to make Mommy smile." HOW SWEET! Brian said he had nothing to do with Nathaniel's comment. Nathaniel got up on the bed, gave me the sweetest kiss on the lips, sat back, looked at me and proudly said "I made you smile!" If you only knew, little boy!

4. We are entering the "2 outfits a day" season. We wake up to low 50's. If we take a walk in the morning, it's usually up in the 60's, but pants and long sleeves are required. However, if we play outside in the afternoon, it's in the low 80's! So...thus...a change of clothes. Hmm...the laundry lady isn't too sure she's happy about that. Truly, I'm glad for the flex in the temps. We were ready for it!

5. My mother-in-law came home from re-hab yesterday! Thanks to any who read this who have prayed for her. Continued prayer for a full recovery, and freedom from her back brace, is so appreciated!


Judith and Lance said...

Am loving the 5 for Friday updates. Nathaniel's stories remind me so much of my Bella, they would have grand times together no doubt. This last week I had a fever blister on my upper lip and Bella has been asking me everyday "can I kiss your UP lip, mommy"? I have to tell her only bottom lip for now. We love it that she calls is "up" lip :).

Kelly said...

Lana, I am also back to blogging again! I took a long sabbatical during the last 7 months of Addison's life and now I am back! I love your Five for Fridays! How creative. I enjoyed catching up with what is going on in your life.

I started a new blog mainly to encourage others in their walk with the Lord. I know as a Mom I need the encouragement daily, so that is why I started it. It's

Looking forward to reading your blog on Fridays! I love your story about Nathaniel. It's so hard to resist kissing them, isn't it! :-)

sharonie said...

ahhh such a sweet compassionate little man you have raised! I love it!

Lynne said...

Hurray! Just read your last posts... so good to peek into your lives. Nathaniel is really talking! So much fun. :-) Wish I were there to hear him!