Friday, October 9, 2009

Five for Five Fridays, 10/9/09

Before mentioning my 5 for 5, I just want to say Happy 5th Anniversary to REAL Church! Brian's brother, Pastor Chilly & his wonderful wife Netta along with their great family and a terrific team of people (which included my sister and her husband!) planted this awesome work in Hamtrack, MI 5 years ago. They are having a weekend of celebration, and we rejoice with them from all the way "down here!" To learn about REAL Church, check out Happy Anniversary, REAL Church!

Hmmm...5 for 5...this is gonna be truly random!

1. My son has started asking me where we are going each morning. His favorite requests are the mall (which features a play land) and Chick-Fil-A (also with a play land). He doesn't know what the Golden Arches are, but he can recognize the Chick-Fil-A symbol in a second!

2. We were near record highs for this time of year - 91 and muggy today. Ugh

3. In the south, we have palmetto bugs. They are large, fast, are attraced to moisture (that word is for you, Netta) and are part of the COCROACH family. Yuck. Unlike their cousins, they are not linked to filth. But my skin crawls every time I see one (which was 3 times this week). I am good with spiders, bugs, lizards, frogs (which are all everywhere). But these little creatures have me calling for my husband! (I think he appreciates the confidence I have in his macho-bug-squashing finess!)

4. Earlier this week, Nathaniel asked me "Mommy, where'd Jesus go?" We talk about Jesus all through the day. Now that I think about it, I'm actually surprized he hasn't asked me sooner. He asks about his family (which all lives away) and friends when he hasn't seen them in a while. It was as though it just hit him - Jesus loves me, I love, why can't I play with Him? I gave him the answer that God gave me in that moment, and will continue to pray that the Lord makes himself known to Nathaniel is such a personal way.

5. Nathaniel's prayer over his snack this afternoon: "Thank you for this food, Amen. Thank you, Jesus, Amen. Thank you, cheese, apples, Amen."


sharonie said...
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sharonie said...

ahhh nataniel already has such a tender heart towards the lord!

Netta said...

Oh... I miss Chic-fil-a...
but I miss you all MUCH MORE!
Love you!!!!!

Judith and Lance said...

So sweet!