Thursday, January 14, 2010

Five for Five Fridays

As "Friday" approaches, less than an hour from now, the fastest "fives" that come to my mind are cries for wisdom! In James we are instructed to ask God for wisdom anytime we need it...and we are encouraged that if we believe He will give it to us, He will! And I look to the rest of you believers/wives/moms/friends that He has blessed me with - share the wisdom that the Lord has shared with you! (Come on, please...He would want you to! ;))

My tope 5 needs for wisdom are (seems like a drum roll would be appropriate here!)

1. the area of being better helper to my husband. He isn't demanding or needy, so I know I have to be careful to really "listen" when he expresses, in any way, a need or an area in which he needs more of my support. And I don't just want to fulfill the role of his wife, I want to do so with joy and creativity.

2. being the Mom Nathaniel needs right now. We have entered a new stage. With it, so many new joys, but also so many new challenges. Discipline looks different than it did a few months ago...and I have a feeling it's going to look different a week from now. I find myself uttering quick prayers to the Lord more than ever. I NEED HIM. I'm NEW HERE, Lord!!

3. better connect with the people I LOVE. I almost want to make a calendar just for talking with/connecting with the people I love - both those I miss, and those who are new to my life here in GA. How do weeks pass without taking with a sibling...months without talking with a friend who walked with me through the time of wanting a baby, and who rejoiced with me at his birth?! I want to be a better friend. Show me how Lord.

4. creatively use the place God has given me. Funny; I initially meant that in a very specific way but, truly, i need wisdom in all my "places." Place of life. Places of ministry. Place of home. And places througout my home! Without a basement, I constantly need to re-think how to use all of our space. I need to think more vertically - in ALL of the aforementioned areas!

5. creatively use up the potatoes in the pantry, the yogurt that is almost expired, and the carrots that are getting dry. Yup, soup's on tomorrow. (Plain nonfat yogurt is one of my favorite substitutions for sour cream, milk, or mayo! It works in a lot of recipes and boosts the nutrition!) Ok - this one is about more than these 3 ingredients. I really do ask for the Lord's wisdom when planning meals, shopping trips, even walking into the store and using all that we have. I know He cares about it, because I care about it! It's part of stewardship, and I want to grow to be a better steward.

Ok...those are my ramblings! Thank you Lord, in advance, for wisdom (and thanks to you, too, friends!)