Monday, July 28, 2008


Today, our little miracle, Nathaniel Martin, turned 1! Wow, my eyes are filling with tears (again) as I consider what to words to type. I am so very thankful that the Lord made me a Mama, and made Brian "Dada" (a word we hear often!) - and He used Nathaniel to do it. I am absolutely crazy about this little boy. He has captured the place in my heart that was especially designed for him. I keep typing, erasing, rewording...and disturbing the wonderful man trying to fall asleep next to me. So, for now, I will just post a few pictures from the last few days. Sunday evening, we celebrated with my Mom, Brian's Aunt Judy and cousin Jamelle who live in Savannah, and our friends, the Whitemans. We had a neighborhood outdoor party planned with the neighbor kids tonight, but the rain won out, so we are hoping to do it tomorrow. Instead, we ordered pizza, the ever-popular kid-friendly birthday meal, and opened a few more gifts. Nathaniel has been blessed with a multitude of wonderful gifts...but, for the last 2 days, the balloons have been the main attraction! As you read this and looks at the pics, please pray God's blessing on Nathaniel's 2nd year. THANKS so much! (We miss you, Papa, Grandma, Uncle, Chilly, Aunt Netta, Riley, Courtney, Zoe, Max, Chase, Aunt Nini, Uncle Chris, Aunt Carol, Uncle Vic & Annalyn!)

Monday, July 21, 2008

oh, that smile!

These aren't great pictures (especially were half of Nathaniel's head didn't make the picture!), but his smile is priceless!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Does it count that I intended to make this a longer post...with a little from my studying in Matthew? No, I didn't think so....well, in any event, I did intend to... But I've spent all of Nathaniel's nap working in the office and downloading pictures...and I just heard the first "waking up sound!" So, a few pictures will be it for now...

A neighbor GAVE this to us! (And it was the first time we met!)

Mommy's helper! He comes straight for it when he hears it open!

Wanna a bite, Mommy? He really does offer us a "bite" (no "t" when he says it)

His classic funny man face!

At the neighbor's party on Saturday.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Can't keep up!

That's the feeling lately - can't keep up - and I'm not complaining! I feel like I can't keep up with the lessons the Lord is teaching me as I make my way through the book of Matthew. One little passage at a time, the Holy Spirit is stopping me and revealing humbling lessons. Pastor Chilly would often say that the Lord "gets it to us, and then gets it through us." Wow. What the Lord is doing in me today isn't just for's for my family, my neighbors, my divine appointments today (ok - I'm not sure that I'm even leaving the house today, but you know what I mean) and, ultimately, it's for His glory. So, my prayer is that I would allow the truths of His word to not just be a good journal entry, or a great "feeling" during my time with Him, or a good blog (though I know I rarely blog from my journal)...but I want it to be transforming to me today. I want to look into the mirror of His Word and be continually changed, not just challenged. (James1:23). I don't want ruts, I don't want to crave routine...I want to relish the "can't keep up" feeling of following God. And that, to any fellow type A-daytimer-driven-friends, has to be a work of the Spirit!
I also feel like I can't keep up with this little person who is growing before my very eyes. More than every before, as I see his understanding growing by leaps and bounds, I am praying for God's annointing on Brian and I to be the parents that Nathaniel needs today. Well, I could write more, but the "Count" just finished his bit, which means Elmo's World is around the corner, leaving me just enough time to post some pictures! ha ha

yes, it's water!

I love Lionel, Papa & Grandma!

Whatcha lookin' at?

at the neighbors, on July 4th