Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sweet and simple

Brian's Aunt and counsin spent some time with Nathaniel on Valentine's Day while Brian and I had a date! (I could stop there, because that is newsworthy enough! :))
She brought along a couple of books that she had been keeping at her house, which her grandkids have outgrown. One of them is called "Classic Children's Prayers" and it contains the following sweet, simple prayer:
"Please give me what I ask,
dear Lord,
If you'd be glad about it,
But if you think it's not for me,
Please help me do without it."

Ain't that the truth? (ha - I hear the word "ain't" so often now, I couldn't help but throw it in!) Really, though, what truth lies in these simple, childlike words. This is how we reconcile "making our requests known" and praying "Thy will be done." Amen!

Time for Sesame Street...!


Lynne said...

Love it! I think I need to memorize this!

Netta said...

eye ain't heard such truf in a spell.
love you!